Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Guangzhou: Halal Food

1. Pandan Indonesian Cuisine

Price range*: $5-10
Address: No. 16-19, 475 Huanshi Dong Lu, Guangzhou, China - 2.6 miles from city center
Tel: 86-020-87605258

I've been to Guangzhou so many times in the past years and Pandan Indonesian Restaurant is one of the places that I have go. I'm Indonesian so I've never get tired of Indonesian food, especially when the food is authentic and tasty. I feel like I'm eating in Indonesia. Pandan offers varieties of foods from deep fried to soup, from meat to seafood, plus all other foods that you've never seen in Guangzhou. You should try the meat skewers, the fried rice, the mouth watering grilled prawn, the chicken soup (soto ayam) & ox-tail soup, the grilled eggplant with spicy sauce, and many more. Don't forget the drinks, try es cendol (my favorite!!), mixed fruits, durian juice, etc. Their foods are delicious and it's reasonably priced. Not just tasty food, the decor is cozy and filled with cool Indonesian accessories. The service is really good. You won't find many waitresses in Guangzhou who smiles at customers (believe me!!), but Pandan's waitresses seems to be different. They are friendly and they smile =) YOU GOTTA TRY THIS RESTAURANT WHEN YOU GO TO GUANGZHOU, you won't be disappointed. Trust me!! It's always been my favorite Indonesian restaurant, and it's the only Indonesian restaurant in Gaungzhou.

2.Abdul Halal Food Restaurant

Liuhua Plaza 132 West Dongfeng Road Liwan District
Guangzhou, Guangdong CN

3.Muslims restaurant of Guangzhou 清真菜--Halal
Arabian Nights Restaurant Daily 9am-2am. No cards. 4/F, 17 Ji Chang Lu (8655 5278)
Bostan Daily 7am-2am. No cards. East Tower, Xinjiang Bldg, 76 Tian He Bei Lu (8753 7788 ext 1706)
Delicious Muslim Food Daily 24 hours. No cards. 65 Dong Du Da Shi Jie, 475 Huan Shi Dong Lu (8762 6466)
Muslim Food Restaurant 24 hours. No cards. 82 Heng Fu Lu (8358 9625)

4.Natural Door Indian Chef (Halal Food)

Daily 11.30-1.30am. No cards. 1)21 Yu Shan Lu, by Beijing Lu (8319 7141); 2)2/F, 3 Nong Lin Xia Lu (8775 1677)

5.Maharaja Indian Kabab Corner

Daily 11am-2:30pm, 5-10:30pm. No cards. Shop S217, Shopping Arcade, 2/F, China Hotel, Liu Hua Lu (8666 6888 ext 2217)

6.Xin Yue Muslim Retaurant

3F of Xinjiang Mansion, 76, Tianhe Bei Rd, Tianhe District.

-selamat menjamah makanan yang halal,ada banyak lagi restoren ...try ni dulu tq


hopper said...
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hopper said...

Harga makanannya pasti mahal-mahal ya? Apakah ada tempat lain yang menjual makanan halal dengan harga yang murah di Guangzhou? Karena saya sepertinya akan bekerja di sana untuk 2 tahun. Tolong informasinya ya? Terima kasih.

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